Use our flexible platform to customize your post transaction
experience and increase revenue generation.

Increased revenue generation with every transaction. AdsPostX is a flexible and fully managed platform that allows you to customize your post transaction experience.

Smart ad delivery. Retailers control desired outcomes - contextual analysis tools, quality scoring based on intent/purchase, prediction models to ensure we are driving the best possible yield and customer experience for you.

High impact, low effort. Implementing AdsPostX can be done in less than a typical development sprint and then the work is on us to deliver results and monthly recurring revenue.

How it works

Order Completed

Retailer passes non-PII data to help personalize the offer, improve engagement.

Ad/Offer Served

AdsPostX uses proprietary Nexos technology to serve 2-3 relevant offers.

Value Realized

AdsPostX is paid by the Advertisers and earnings are split with the Retailers.

Low effort model where everyone wins


Make more money
  • $.20-$.25 more profit per transaction
  • $200+ eCPM
  • Post transaction - no bouncing
  • Easy implementation
  • Turnkey, fully managed


Acquire more customers
  • High CTR, Strong Conversion Rates, Purchase on a CPA, Drive +ROAS
  • Better CAC
  • Target only customers that matter most
  • Effective way to acquire new customers


Increase loyalty
  • Highly engaging, valuable offers
  • Personalized, relevant
  • From trusted brands
  • Frictionless transaction

Creative flexibility

Retailers are able to offer creative flexibility to customize the experience.

Collect Data

Up/Cross Sell Products


Feature Multiple Offers