Use our flexible platform to customize your post transaction experience and deliver a new revenue stream.

An easy way to monetize your customers.

Drive Instant Revenue

Support non-endemic ads on your receipt page and participate in the Retail Media opportunity.

Support Your Business Priorities

Partner to build a plan that supports your goals - be it revenue, purchase frequency, up/cross sell, customer retention.

Easy Integration

Simply add our code and updates are managed server side.

This minimum lift can be completed in less than a typical development sprint and then the work is on us to deliver you results.

Smart Targeting

Offers are powered by Nexos, to maximize revenue programmatically.

We utilize a mix of contextual analysis tools, quality scoring and prediction models to  drive the best possible yield and customer experience.

Customizable Experience

Both creative and delivery elements can be customized to perfect the holistic customer experience.

We also have a range of ad units that incorporate rich media to create more highly engaging customer interactions.

Built to deliver on your business priorities

An incremental position to generate revenue or to support other goals.

Customer Retention

Up/Cross Sell

Drive Revenue

How it works

Action Completed.

The Retailer passes relevant data and AdsPostX delivers personalized offers.

Ad/Offer Served.

Nexos by AdsPostX serves a mix of relevant offers - both 3rd and 1st party.

Revenue Earned.

AdsPostX is paid by Advertisers and earnings are split with the Retailer.

How it works

Order Completed

Retailer passes non-PII data in the payload to help personalize the offer and improve engagement.

Ad/Offer Served

AdsPostX uses proprietary Nexos technology to serve a mix of relevant offers.

Revenue Earned

AdsPostX is paid by the Advertisers and earnings are split with the Retailer.

Drive incredible results


Make more money
  • More profit per transaction
  • Triple digit eCPM
  • Retain control - advertiser approval


Are more engaged
  • Frictionless experience
  • Personalized, relevant content
  • Increased stickiness


Acquire new customers
  • Improved metrics (CTR, conversion, +ROAS, CAC)
  • High quality customers
  • Strong acquisition channel