Drive your best results in performance marketing, frequently
exceeding your CAC goals and acquisition targets.

Advertisers drive the best results in performance marketing. Frequently exceeding their CAC goals and acquisition targets. This unit is just simply the best performer in digital advertising. 10%+ CTR.

Pay on CPA not CPC. Don’t get out bid or bid beyond your comfort level relying on an algorithm? Pay how you are accustomed to pay on CPA.

Nexos Smart Ad delivery: Retailers control desired outcomes - contextual analysis tools, quality scoring based on intent/purchase, prediction models to ensure we are driving the best possible yield or customer experience for you.

How it works

Order Completed

Retailer passes non-PII data to help personalize the offer, improve engagement.

Ad/Offer Served

AdsPostX uses proprietary Nexos technology to serve 2-3 relevant offers.

Value Realized

AdsPostX is paid by the Advertisers and earnings are split with the Retailers.

Low effort model where everyone wins


Make more money
  • $.20-$.25 more profit per transaction
  • $200+ eCPM
  • Post transaction - no bouncing
  • Easy implementation
  • Turnkey, fully managed


Acquire more customers
  • High CTR, Strong Conversion Rates, Purchase on a CPA, Drive +ROAS
  • Better CAC
  • Target only customers that matter most
  • Effective way to acquire new customers


Increase loyalty
  • Highly engaging, valuable offers
  • Personalized, relevant
  • From trusted brands
  • Frictionless transaction

Creative flexibility

Retailers are able to offer creative flexibility to customize the experience.

Collect Data

Up/Cross Sell Products


Feature Multiple Offers